Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed...! That's not fair!"

Where I pretend to make a meaningful post by showing books I've bought the first week since I've returned to Japan. I've only started in one of them though.

I've been quite modest actually (hey, I also need to eat!), so the 'damage' after one week is just:

Nikaidou Reito, Soumenjuu Jiken ("The Double-Faced Monster Case")
Shimada Souji, Ihou no Kishi ("A Knight In Strange Lands")
Nikaidou Reito, Yuri no Meikyuu ("Labyrinth of Lillies")
Mori Hiroshi, Joou no Hyakunen Misshitsu ("God Save the Queen")
Takagi Akimitsu, Ningyou wa Naze Korosareru ("Why Was The Puppet Killed?")
Kyougoku Natsuhiko, Ubume no Natsu ("Summer of the Ubume") (1+2)
Kyougoku Natsuhiko, Mouryou no Hako ("Mouryou's Box")
Arisugawa Alice, Gekkou Game - Y no Higeki '88 ("Moonlight Game - The Tragedy of Y '88")
Higashigawa Tokuya, Misshitsu ni Mukatte Ute ("Shoot Towards The Locked Room!")
Higashigawa Tokuya, Kanzen Hanzai ni Neko Nanpiki Hitsuyou Ka ("How Many Cats Are Needed For A Perfect Crime?")
Higashigawa Tokuya, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de ("Mystery Solving is After Dinner")
Higashigawa Tokuya, Houkago wa Mystery to Tomo ni ("After School, Together With Mystery")

All second-hand by the way. And half of them only 105 yen. I love Japanese bookstores <3 Oh, and about the 'normal' review posts: I still intend to make them, but it just takes longer for me to read here, so I think even one post a week is going to be a challenge. But I'll figure out something. I can always do more movies/series reviews. And the worst case scenario: I'll post a picture of the backlog every week to show how much the pile is not shrinking.


  1. That's actually quite modest! |D But then again, counting the pages of the bricks and the work needed to finish them...

    I kind of regret that I temporarily dumped 人形はなぜ殺される but one of the first things I'm looking for when I'm over there will be 刺青殺人事件!

    Curious about what you will say about Kyougoku. I guess you will start with Ubume (eventually)?

  2. Let's emphasize eventually :P I'm now finally past the first 100 pages of Gekkou Game, so things should speed up now (as my reading speed is proportionate to the amount of suspense in a story) but I think I'll go with Higashigawa or Ayukawa afterwards. Ayukawa? Yes, the pile has grown again as of today. And the fact that a new Conan volume, a new movie and videogame are all to be released in two days is probably not going to help one bit.