Monday, November 28, 2022

The Silent Speaker

In the previous post, I asked about a honkaku-themed Discord server, but while I did get suggestions, it didn't seem there was a specific dedicated server. So err, I think I just created one? I named the server Honkaku, because I don't intend it to be a direct extension of this blog and the posts here, but a general place to talk about puzzle plot mystery fiction from across the world in all media formats, from books to manga and digital and analog games. Though I have to make clear now this is mostly me trying something out as I have never run a Discord server, and to be absolutely honest, I hope the server remains juuuuust small enough for me to manage, but we'll see what happens. If nobody joins, that'll just be the end of things and at the moment, it is really just me in the member list, so it can never get worse than it is now! But if the idea of a honkaku-dedicated Discord server sounds interesting, you'll find the invite link below.

Invite link:


  1. Are these two posts alluding to Nero Wolfe?

    1. Just the titles, but I haven't actually read the stories in question :P