Tuesday, February 25, 2014

File 3: Music to be Murdered by

And once again a musical post, with the third post in my Music to be Murdered by series, where I talk about music from a variety of detective-related media! It's an irregular corner (I post whenever I feel like it), but I think I'll try to get at least one post a month out in this corner. And now, to a track I have probably mentioned several times on this blog already.

Title: Silent Shadow II
Album: Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Yume no Owari ni 10th Anniversary Special Album

Silent Shadow II is one of the best tracks of the videogame Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Yume no Owari ni and one of the tracks you will hear most often. Like all of soundtracks in the hardboiled detective series Tantei Jinguuji Saburou (probably the only game series to feature a dedicated 'smoking' button), Silent Shadow II is a fantastic jazzy track. It is used relatively early in the game, as background music to a section where you are investigating a disappearance. In this section, you move between locations like an university and the immense area around Shinjuku Station looking for clues and questioning people, and Silent Shadow II is an excellent musical partner to your investigations.

Game music is different from a lot of other kinds of music in the sense that many tracks are composed and meant to loop infinitely. It's the player who decides the pace of the game, and this particular section can take as long as you want, as you have the freedom to move around and to question the people as you see fit. You will therefore hear Silent Shadow II loop many times, but it is such a great track, I really don't mind. Wander around urban Shinjuku and enjoy the music.

There are actually three seperate Silent Shadow tracks in the game, each different but used in similar situations. I might introduce the other two tracks in the future.

Original Japanese title(s):  「Silent Shadow II」(GAMADELIC) 『探偵神宮寺三郎 夢の終わりに 10th ANNIVERSARY スペシャルアルバム』

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