Thursday, October 18, 2012



"Yeah, I have a lot of time to spare. But I don't dislike being bored"
"Strangling Romanticist"

Where I once again pretend I am making a meaningful post by showing a picture of my current backlog.

Actually, it's a bit less than what's on the picture: I have seperated my bookcase in an 'unread' shelf and 'finished' shelf, but the finished shelf is already full. I should sell something or send something back one of these days. So it ain't that bad.

But yes, the reason I haven't posted anything in two weeks is simply because I have not finished one single book in these two weeks. Which is really rare. I have been juggling between two books that should result in interesting reviews, but it might take another week at this rate. Also because the Mystery Club is busy with the annual publication that is to be sold at Kyoto University's November Festival.

(Oh, and I did write my very first mystery-esque story. In Japanese. Of only one page long. Because there is also a part in the publication where every member has to write something very short according to a common theme. It doesn't have to be a mystery, but I tried. As far as I could get within one page and not writing in my native tongue. In fact, it isn't that good a story. If you can call a one page thingy a story.) 

And to sum up the last few weeks in fairly random sentences nobody will understand: I have been following a course on manga that has surprisingly become helpful for my thesis on Japanese detective fiction. The karaage from the ramen restaurant Takayasu (of which the interior is way too fancy) are the size of half a chicken (why didn't the cook warn us?). The expensive strawberry icecream and the cheaper one are reverse versions of each other. Having a girl explain enthusiastically about TokiMemo is funny. Lost Dutch tourists still think I'm not a native Dutch speaker when I explain the way back to them in perfectly fine Dutch. Pineapple cakes from Taiwan arrive at the best moment possible. And I have been walking up and down the post office way too often the last few days.

But yeah, maybe I should go read a book.


  1. I guess we'll always have special place for クビシメロマンチスト ;)

    I want to eat those karaage!!

    Someone from one of my courses told us about other mothers who are fujoshi and have cup + coffee moe...

    I managed to stay away from Baskin Robbins and crêpes so far, but I'm asking myself where all those awesome bakeries came from!

    1. Seriously, I don't think it would be even hard for me to have every post until the end of the year begin with a quote from Kubishime. It's like a treasure chest of useable quotes. Which reminds, I really should continue in Psycho-Logical. I think I'm halfway the first bunko...

      The karaage were really huge! I was happy I had a partner in dine with me (and happy she didn't also get a teishoku too, or else we would have never finished it!).

      And I absolutely love 31/BR ice cream, but (luckily?) there aren't any in neighbourhood here (or else I would have eaten way too much ice cream).

    2. I think it's one of the few books I can actually imagine myself reading for a second time. Just because of the dialogue and monologue. Not that I dislike Nishio's other stuff, but I wish his style would have stayed that way. Would have been rather difficult to keep up as an author though I guess.

      I love way too much stuff that can enter your digestive system around here... Sweets are dangerous. It's already hard enough not to eat two warm meals per day.