Sunday, June 21, 2009


「いや、人は疑うべきだよ。多くの人は誤解しているけれど人を疑うとはつまりその人間を知ろうとする行為なんだ。『信じる』。その行為は紛れもなく高尚な事だ。。。しかしね、多くの人間が『信じる』の名の下にやってる行為は実は他人を知ることの放棄。」、秋山深一、『Liar Game』
"No, you should doubt people. Many people don't get it, but to doubt someone is actually to try to know that person. "Believing". That is certainly something admirable... But you know, what most people do under the cover of the word "believing", is giving up on getting to know other people.", Akiyama Shin'ichi, "Liar Game"

Most of the exams have already passed, with only a kanji test remaining for Monday. As our teacher don't know Dutch, we didn't have a translation text as an exam this time, which is a bit regrettable, as I enjoy translating a lot more than comprehensive reading, but the exams went quite well for everyone.

What remains now is a lingering week of feedback on the exams and preparations for a presentation in Japanese and a short drama we're supposed to perform with all of us. And it seems people from Waseda will come to see our play. Joy. I hope for a murder mystery. After that it's a week vacation before most of us leave for the Netherlands again.

Yesterday, I visited the Tokyo Tower with Els. I wanted to go after seeing Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser, of which the climax is set at the Tokyo Tower at night. Yes, I am succeptable for these kind of things. I was in Tokyo 2 years ago, but I never visited the Tower for some reason then and some time ago, the Tower closed just as we approached it, but this time everything went smooth. Except for the waiting lines of course, because we both sorta forgot it was a Saturday night. It was kinda crowded.

The night view of the Tower itself is a lot prettier than in daylight. The orange/blue lights (depending on what time it is, I guess) is a lot prettier than the red/white of the Tower. Inside the Tower we found strange mascottes, elevators with elevator music (which is something the elevators in our Mansion really need) and a nice view on Tokyo. Traveling through Tokyo mostly by train and subway, I never actually realized how big Tokyo is, but seeing it from such a viewpoint really impressed me.

There are two observatories, the standard at 150 meter, the special observatory at 250 meter and we also went up to the special one. It smelled funny there. And because there is only one elevator that goes up there, you have to wait in (a long) line to get up there and to get down. You could see so much more of Tokyo up at the special observatory, but everything had become so small by then, so maybe the view at 150 meter is better than the 250 meter one. Like in the Conan movie we stayed till closing time, but we didn't leave turbo powered skateboards in the lobby, nor did we get shot at by a helicopter. Luckily.

Today's song: 大野克夫バンド (Oono Katsuo Band) - 名探偵コナン メイン・テーマ(漆黒フルヴァージョン) (Meitantei Conan Main Theme (Shikkoku Full Version) ("Detective Conan Main Theme (Jet Black Full Version))") (Main theme of Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser)

P.S.: Dr. Koto's Clinic is an awesome series. Almost makes me want to be a doctor on a faraway Okinawan island.

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