Saturday, September 4, 2010

Curtain: Poirot's Last Case

『Bob Lennon』

Night is falling upon the earth
I'm hurrying now on the way back home"
  "Bob Lennon"

Back in the Netherlands. Which feels kinda strange. And cold. While I detested the incredibly hot temperatures in Fukuoka, somewhere inside me longed for some old-fashioned Fukuoka weather when I stepped out of Schiphol Airport, walking right into good old Dutch weather of just 8 degrees Celsius. My body also longed for a coat.

And while I'm not really in a writing mood, but I'll just wrap stuff up and seeing my lack of memory, it's better to write while my memory is still at just the hazy state (c.f. to actually forgotten). It'll be Agatha Christie-note style though: totally unorganized, neither chronically, nor thematically and I won't elaborate.

Will update the blog in the future again with detective-fiction posts. When those boxes with books actually arrive here.

But without further ado, stuff that happened somewhere in August:

I. I survived eating the infamous fugu! A friend had bought some and made tempura of it. And it's actually really, really tasty. Now I hope I won't die of the fugu curry I took back to the Netherlands.

II. Went to Busan, South Korea. Which might sound far, but it's actually closer to Fukuoka than Kyoto or Tokyo. While the plane isn't that expensive, we took the boat to Busan, which was a new experience.

Korean food made the most impression. Of which a large, large part is indeed spicy. Very spicy. But oh-so-delicious. And cheap. Busan itself is a nice city too, being built on mountains and having a harbor. Anyway, wanna go again~

III. Somehow managed to finish my research paper...

IV. Finally ate motsunabe and mizutaki. The first actually is a must-eat in Fukuoka. So I ate it. And it was good. I hadn't actually heard of mizutaki till 2 minutes before we ordered it, but was surprisingly good. Not as good as motsunabe though.

V. Managed to actually create a locked room in my kaikan room. Now only if I could actually use it for some reason or another.

VI. Taught Dutch for two weeks. It seems you can count all the Dutch international students in Fukuoka on one hand.

VII. Closing ceremony of JLCC 09-10. Hearing a teacher quote SMAP is weird. Lots of photo-taking.

VIII. JLCC goodbye party ;_;

IX. Somehow managed to pack and send off 100+ kilograms of luggage, getting rid of my TV, kotatsu and other stuff and just getting ready to leave Japan in just two days. I am so grateful the postman acutally came up to the fourth floor to collect my boxes.

X. Lots of farewells at the airport on the first of September, my own departure being on the second.

XI. Just being awesome @ Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

XII. Made pancakes.

XIII. Plane food was actually OK-ish.

XIV. Officials at Hong Kong airport are slightly, but only slightly more polite when speaking Cantonese.

XV. Avoided going crazy at Hong Kong airport by reading Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks. When traveling, read Christie. The 'new' story The Capture of Cerberus was entertaining enough, though both versions are kinda boring compared to the other stories in The Labours of Hercules.

XVI. Even though we tried, my trusty silver steed couldn't be freed from its chainlock. So in the end I just left him in front of Kaizuka station. Thank you for one year of transportation. And you too, mr. Airco.

XVII. It's the proof of one's love for detective fiction, but the fact I never encountered a murder while a) being a year in Japan and b) having traveled by train, night bus, planes and boats is actually kinda disappointing. Ah well, there was the cut-up body case in Fukuoka...

XVIII. Watched StarCraft and Tekken on South-Korean TV.

XIX. The buses in Busan are scary. It's like Crazy Taxi, only with buses. If you're not standing at the exit one stop early, you won't get out.

XX. Went to the largest department store in the world: Shinsegae ("The new world") in Busan. Yes it's big. They have an awfully nice ikameshi (squid stuffed with rice) there~

And thus the curtain falls on the Fukuoka chapter. 楽しかった。

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  1. Welcome back, my fellow Connoisseur in Crime!

    Yes, it's very inconsiderate of people not to die when one of us takes the bus, train, boat or plane. They act as we if expect the moon from them, when we're only interested in their bloodstained corpse – preferable in a hermitically sealed room or any other seemingly impossible situation.

    But no. They can't even be bothered to make a target of themselves for a legendary gentleman thief, cloaked in either black, white or red, by carrying around a famous diamond or an ancient artifact from a long dead king.