Friday, February 19, 2010

Death TV

"It's one of those rumors you hear from a friend of a friend, but...", "Hayarigami"

Wednesday, we suddenly heard that the NHK would be filming at the International Student Center. Afterwards, I was even more suddenly asked whether I'd liked to be interviewed by the NHK. Well, actually, rather than actually being asked, I heard from Chin-san that the two of us would be interviewed by the NHK. I was only asked whether I'd want to do that, after a surprised me went to ask the what-where-how-why. Considering it concerned me in a not very insignificant way.

So today we were interviewed on our life as international students. And stuff. And it's all pretty much gone now, as I was in a state of nothingness while answering the questions. Having no time to prepare Despite having the luxary of a whole minute to think about answers to the questions they would ask me, I felt I botched up my Japanese horribly. Having a giant camera pointed at me does not, in any way, help my nervous nature.

Afterwards, they made some shots of one of our classes. When they said shots, everyone, including the teacher, expected shots from the back of the class. Instead, the crew went from table to table, zooming in on people as they were talking and just being immensely intrusive. Especially as it was Joukyuunihongo F, a course which really involves stating your opinions on quite personal stuff. I don't really care to broadcast what I think about myself on national television.

Well, actually, international television. I forgot to ask, but I heard later that they were filming for NHK BS, the satellite channel of the NHK. Which I can't receive here. Which is available at Leiden, I think. I hope they at least send the footage to us. I don't want to ever see it, but a memento would be nice. Which reminds me that there were pictures taken of me during the interview, so I'll have to locate those. Hm.

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  1. Off-topic: Hey Ash, ik heb je PB op het forum beantwoord. Ja, ik weet het, ik ben daar erg laat mee! >__<