Sunday, November 22, 2009


「人間は、自分と周囲との環境にズレが生じると、つまり、不協和状態になると不安になるんだ。で、周囲と同調することで、その不安を解消しようとする。」、秋山深一、『Liar Game』

"If a gap occurs between themselves and their environment, in other words, if they experience cognitive dissonance, they'll feel anxious.", Akiyama Shinichi, "Liar Game"

While I have started with reading books for my book report in December, I can't say it's really progressing. Semi-academic literature is of course totally different from literature and when something like 員数別普通世帯度数分布表中最大値 appears, I lament silently for the fact that I didn't study Chinese as a child.

And of course, at such times it's pretty easy to just give up and do something else. So we went to visit the Kyushu University Festival held this weekend. Such festivals are kinda like the Dutch Queen's Day with lots of food stands and small activities ,but without countless of semi-drunk people trying to get in the restaurant to use the toilet. But even though it's called the Kyushu University Festival, there is next to nothing to do at the Hakozaki campus, and most of the circles are based at the Itou campus, so it was also an excuse to visit the Itou campus.

Which is really far. It didn't even look like Fukuoka anymore, changing from subway to train to bus, which brought us alongst paddy fields. But then we arrived at Itou campus, and it was so... clean, to borrow the words of the Greek teacher. Built on the foot of a mountain, Itou campus like the good twin brother of the Hakozaki campus. Everything new, clean, no abandoned old buildings. The oldest thing there was the Kyushu University rock, which probably has some historic significance. The Itou campus is what a normal campus should look like. But then again, Itou campus is really, really far away from the normal world, so Hakozaki has its good points too. Traveling to the Itou campus has cost me two days of food. And I eat a lot.

Food, by the way, was well represented at the festival. The festival is set up by students and I think all the circles and clubs had either a stand or a lecture room in use. Clubs like the Movie Research Club showed self-made movies (which made me remember how much I love Yamazaki Masayoshi's One More Time, One More Chance), while the rakugo club and band clubs performed on small stages. And in between lots of people dressed in kigurumi trying to lure you to their stand. Sport clubs however mostly sold food at their stands. Which is always the best of Japanese festivals. Takoyaki, ham-katsu, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, hot dogs, gyouza, crepes...

Today's song: ->Pia-no-jaC<- -="" a=""> ("Taifuu" ("Typhoon"))

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