Monday, November 16, 2009


"It is not my policy to terrify people - instead, I invite their gentle ridicule. Also I boast! An Englishman he says often, 'A fellow who thinks as much of himself as that cannot be worth much.' That is the English point of view. It is not at all true. And so, you see, I put people off their guard. Besides, it has become a habit.", Hercule Poirot, "Three Act Tragedy"

We went to the Space World amusement park Sunday in Kitakyushu, which indeed lies in the northern tip of Kyushu. Being in a group of only Chinese by the way always results in me being asked or told something in Chinese at one time or another. So I am steadily perfecting my "Was that some Japanese word I don't know or did you just talk in Chinese to me?"-face. Which also goes along quite fine with the development of my "Don't look at me, I don't understand it either. I am not Japanese, I'm a exchange student too, you know"-face.

But anyway, even though the temperature has dropped quite a bit the last few days, it was endurable, so we enjoyed our day. While the roller coasters were fun (one of which you did backwards-facing), the two most impressive looking were sadly out of order. Well, one of them has been out of order for two years due to a fatal accident, so I might not have tried that, but the Zaturn (yes, a 'z') looked like one of those roller coasters where you really regret getting on to the moment you hit the peak. But with no rain, an all you can eat lunch and the important lesson learned that you should always buy the 100 yen parka when you enter a water-attraction if the temperature is around 13 degrees Celsius, it was a fine day.

And afterwards, me and one of the Li's (yes, we have multiple Chinese Lis. As well as multiple Korean Parks) sped back to the Tenjin Central Park, where we managed to see the last 20 minutes of the Asian Beat Festa, a cosplay/doujinshi convention thingamajig, which included people in skimpy clothing who must have been freezing and karaoke performances. Arriving at the place right when a Canadian goes all out on Gatchaman no Uta was quite entertaining.


  1. Any Kims around?

    Could you ride that shuttle? :O

  2. Only one lonesome Kim here. Multiple (Chinese/Taiwanese) Chous though.

    Nope, sadly enough, the Space Shuttle is just there to look pretty. The park does offer a special training program using real NASA equipment though.