Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Greek Coffin Mystery


I want to fly away
with a pure body
So someday
I can see you all again
Even if my thirst for revenge disappears
My heart won't fade away
"Detective Jinguuji Saburou: Unfading Heart"

While my Japanese language classes haven't started yet, I have attended my first class already. It's compulsary to follow some 'normal' classes (the ones offered to Japanese students at Kyushu University) in the JLCC programme, so I decided to do Ancient Greek II. Yes, I am studying Ancient Greek in Japanese. Of course, I have studied it for 6 years already in high school and loved it, but it's all faded away, so I thought I might as well do this course as a refresh course.

But even if it has mostly faded away, I was glad I had a background in Greek language, because following a real Japanese class (in comparison to a class meant to instruct the Japanese language) is quite hard at times. I kept looking up grammar-related words which are so simple in Dutch/English (i.e. first, second person, infinitive), but which I had never heard of in Japanese. That was probably the hardest part of class. What I really look forward too though is translating though. I haven't really done precision translation to Japanese before, so it will prove useful too probably.

The class did bring back some nice memories though. The Ancient Greek class here was also comprised of just 5 people (very nostalgic!) and the texts used and the way how the class was conducted (reading aloud!) was pretty much the same as in the Netherlands. Maybe, just maybe, Ancient Greek classes are always the same where ever you are.

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