Monday, October 12, 2009


"And once in one of those dizzy places, his brain turned also, and he fancied he was God. (...) He thought it was given to him to judge the world and strike down the sinner. He would never have had such a thought if he had been kneeling with other men upon a floor. But he saw all men walking about like insects. ", Father Brown, "The Hammer of God"

So I suddenly decided to go to one of those mountains in the background. Which really wasn't that far, probably just a bit more than half an hour with the bicycle. Even if you're me and you manage to lose sight of a set of mountains for a while, it only takes about 50 minutes. By the time I got to the entrance of the walking trail of the mountain though, I was pretty sure I had climbed about 75% of the mountain already, because the residential area continued all the way up. And it sure was a pain with my gearless bicycle. I'd hate to be the high school student who after a long day school has to go up that way every single day to get back home.

As I pretty much decided to climb the mountain 20 minutes before I set out from my room (it's really close), I didn't even know the name of the mountains. After asking a fellow mountain climber, it seems there are two of them, the Tachibana mountain and the Mikaduki mountain and with a bit of walking here and there and passing through giant gravesites, I eventually ended up on the top of the Mikaduki mountain. Which according to the little sign on the top is 272 meters high. The view was quite nice, as you could see all of Fukuoka and with my binoculars I could pretty much spy inside my own room. No one was present. The Tachibana mountain is about 100 meters higher, I think, but having no water and rations left, I felt it should wait for another time. I was quite glad it was all downhill from then on.

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