Saturday, October 3, 2009



"This mystery is already on the tip of my tongue.", Neuro, "Devil Detective Nougami Neuro"

The best ramen ever? Having graduated in ramenology through watching the movie Tampopo, I was naturally interested in the famous hakata ramen. And where else to eat but at the head restaurant of Hakata Ippudo, a famous ramen chain? Rumors regarding the taste have not been greatly exaggerated. The white, milky pork bone broth is amazing and can't be explained through words. It just tastes so enormously rich. Unbelievably great food. Of course, like I explained earlier, there are almost no restaurants around the dorm, so I have to travel quite a bit to get to Ippudo, so I am not planning to go that often. But I am sure that every trip to Ippudo is something to look forward to. Just like going out for jumbo gyouza.

There are also a lot of fugu restaurants here, so I might try it once. Of course the restaurants that seem the 'safest' are also the most expensive ones...


  1. I take it that's a piece of nori on the bowl?

    I thought of going to Umeda today for a camera, but I ended up eating a whole canister of Pringles, going to the Mac and buying a Gundam figure and 2 bottles of NORMAL Pepsi.

  2. I definitely recommend going to the Canal Shopping Mall once and visiting the Ramen Stadium: it's the top floor of the shopping center and the entire floor is just ramen shops. They serve great Tonkotsu ramen there, not too mention the entire atmosphere is great. Taking an escalator through a gate shaped as a ramen bowl? Check!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I actually passed through Canal City w/o realizing there was a ramen floor on top. Definitely going to check it out the next time.