Saturday, September 26, 2009

Farewell, My Turnabout

新しい物語が、今。 動き出す
そして伝説は、もう一度。 逆転する」

"7 years have passedAnd now a new story has come alive
And the legend, once again, makes a turnabout"
Promotion video for "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"

Lately, even extensive wandering in the depths of labryrinth of the mind didn't produce really good introducing quotes. But in other news, tomorrow afternoon I'll be leaving the Netherlands for Fukuoka. With a stop in Hong Kong to get some actual food (not counting airplane hamburgers) in between. Contrary to the last time, information flow from Kyuushuu University has been very good, so I actually sorta know what to expect in Japan. They even sent me a study guide and a student name list months in advance. Which I will have plenty of time to actually read in the airplane, because the Scribblenauts release date was pushed, which I had planned to get as plane-entertainment.

Got a schedule for the coming days too and it seems I'll be fighting fires, surviving earthquakes and skidding along smoke-filled corridors again. I had thought I might get to skip the disaster training if I showed my pass from the Tokyo training, but then I read on the back of the pass you're supposed to collect five of these disaster experience training passes before you get a real certificate of completion. I'd still like to think that reading The Accidents has prepared me for every freak accident that could ever happen.

But probably less posts about detective fiction in the future, more on fire, Fukuoka and food. And books (no, that's not a 'F', but a 'B' like a 'F' is a labial consonant, so it's all good). And dear god, I should really prioritize finding out whether they serve jumbo gyouza somewhere in Fukuoka.

Yes, a repost. But Yotsuba is cute. So there.

Today's song: Greeeen - 遥か (
Haruka ("Far Away"))


  1. Di...disaster training D:
    Oh god, I completely forgot about that. I hope we don't have to do it here. I still haven't forgotten how that 'earthquake' felt.

  2. Getting hit on the head by a massive pillow has never been as fun :`D
    oh, do you have plans to go travel through Japan at any point during the year?

  3. Probably going in your direction once as my brother is in Osaka now. And Yamagata looks interesting too. Because of the "Shinkansen Ramen" show I saw in the plane. Very tasty ramen indeed (or like they say there, chuuka soba).

    Am horribly lost at Hong Kong airport right now actually, but my head hurts so I'm going to sleep till my connecting flight actually gets a gate assigned before I move from my safe place. Survival 101.