Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Tragedy of Errors


"A bookstore... most comic artists have their vacation here... whether on Earth or in space, you can travel anywhere... you can go freely anywhere.", Honoo Moyuru, "Burning Pen"

The final week of school has finally ended, so the return to the Netherlands is coming near. It has also been a busy week, but what follows now is a well-earned week of vacation.

Monday we went to see Rookies - Graduation, the no. 1 hit live action based on a baseball manga. Am not very interested in sports, but I love manga with a sport theme, which always tend to end up unbelievably epic and dramatic. Rookies was no exception. It ended up to be a very epic and dramatic sportsmovie, which I enjoyed a lot. 'Twas more leader Diana's idea to see the movie though, as she really loves Rookies and had to see the movie.

We had another excursion on Tuesday, this time to the Canon factory in Toride. It was a very interesting trip. The Toride plant mainly produces printers, but in a very surprising twist, Canon does not use a conveyer belt system, but a system with 'production cells' that consist from 1 to 5 persons working on one product. Essentially, while this system has a slow startup, it allows workers to hone their skills in all parts of the production line, resulting in super-efficient workers. The best of the best are actually given special badges to show their rank of Super Multi Meisters. Yes, that's their actual rank. Super Multi Meisters. Heck, just like an Elite Four, there is even the very special rank of All Canon Super Multi Meisters, of which there are only 8 at the moment. It's almost Pokémon-ish. We also had our lunch in the Toride plant canteen, which was pretty awesome, amongst the workers. And it was cheap too.

Friday was the last day of school and we all had a presentation in Japanese. Most of us used their Material Culture paper as the base of their presentation, I in the end opted for a short presentation about Edogawa Rampo. Which was pretty fun, as I could talk about both detective literature and the often misunderstood ero-guro-nonsense in front of several teachers of the Naganuma school (and of course the rest of the group). After the presentations, we performed our play which we made in two days and had rehearsed only once. It ended up to be a quite fun version of the story of Kaguya-hime, which everyone who followed the Classical Japanese course should know.

And then the parting with our teachers followed with of course presenting of presents. After 3 months of almost daily seeing our teachers, it was pretty strange to walk away this time without a "'till next week".

With this week, preparations for departure also begin. Which meant packing up my library here. This (actually more, as it has already grown) has to leave Japan this week. I'm wondering how I'm gonna get this to the post office.

Today's Song: Garnet Crow - 夢みたあとで (Yume mita ato de ("After seeing my dream")) (Ending theme of "Detective Conan")

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