Monday, June 8, 2009

"The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over."

"The 'miracle' never happened. Maybe it was never meant to. Because a 'miracle' is something that doesn't exist.", Phoenix Wright, "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Justice for All"

On Sunday we visited a furoshiki shop, as our Naganuma teachers had arranged for us to attend a workshop. The furoshiki ("bath spreader") is a piece of cloth that is used to wrap stuff. And with stuff I mean pretty much everything. It used to be quite popular in Japan as people used the furoshiki as shopping bags in older times, but with the advent of plastic shopping bags, it got into dis-use. Lately, furoshiki are getting more popular again as a eco-friendly shopping bag.

At the workshop, we were taught techniques to wrap rectangular things, bottles, how to make a tissue box holder with the furoshiki, how to make shopping bags etcetera. It was pretty fun, but I am quite bad with knots (exhibit a: my shoelaces always keep getting untangled), so my wrappings were not exactly looking the way they should've, I think. Did get me one though, so I'll have plenty of opportunity to wrap things. Like my books. Gathering way to much dust lately.

Material Culture's final exam is this Thursday. As I appearently walked into a sidetrack pretty much at the beginning of my research, I failed my paper, but I had spare credits to begin with as I followed too much courses last semester, so I'll still end up with the required 60 credits for this year, as long as I pass Thursdays exam. Really wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, but it almost seems planned. I guess I do have some Light-ish characteristics going on with the superplanning.

Tomorrow, we'll be visiting Kikkoman (of the soy sauce). The trip was actually canceled at first due to the H1N1 influenza, but because of reasons incomprehensible to me (as the flu is still active here), it was now deemed safe for the big bunch of foreigners to come now. I expect a kinda smelly factory. And I hope, nay, pray for food tastings with Kikkoman soy sauce.

Today's song: 中島みゆき (Nakashima Miyuki) - 銀の龍の背に乗って (Gin no ryuu no se ni notte ("Ride on the back of a silver dragon")) (theme song of Dr. Koto's Clinic)

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