Thursday, May 7, 2009


Wednesday was the last day of the Golden Week and we went to a yakyuu (baseball) game in the Tokyo Dome (Yomiuri Giants vs. Yokohama BayStars). While I personally don't have that much interest in baseball, actually, I think in these last few years the most "interaction" I had with the sport was through detective fiction which used baseball as its background, in the end the game was fun. Well, the first two innings and the last inning. What was between was very boring.

But there were plenty of fun things to notice besides the game. For example the ice flavor names. Love Struck Cheesecake? Baseball Park? Don't know what they were thinking, but the icecream sure was tasty. And plenty of beer-girls (girls with beer tanks on their back) walking up and down the stairs. I think the people who got the most physical strain in the whole stadium that night were those girls, moving all around the stadium with litres of liquids on their back. And don't forget the strain on their faces, because they had to smile happyhappybigsmiles all the time.

When we left the stadium, some freak phenomena appeared, where the built up high pressure inside the stadium, low pressure outside and only a handful of open doors resulted in a gigantic vacuum with people getting sucked out the building with incredible force. It was awesome. If this was a manga, it would make a great The Accidents accident. It would also make an awesome amusement park ride.

Yesterday, we went to eat okomoniyaki with about ten young (most of them were even younger than I am) salarymen who also stay in the our Weekly Mansion. We always see them leave clad in their suits on the way to the office every morning busy with work and stuff, but it's like a switch goes off when they're casual, because they were very crazy. The amusing kind of crazy.

We had the whole restaurant to ourselves (because of practical reasons: more people couldn't possibly enter) and at my table, we had Yutaka-san who was originally from Osaka and taught us the Osaka-style of eating okonomiyaki directly with the spatulas and copious amounts of mayonaise, but we also tried stuff like hotate (scallops) and yakisoba.

It would be foolish to even attempt to accurately describe the night, but for a small impression, it included great food, Johnny's impersonations, great food, pacemakers, great food, Doraemon's Jaian, great food, Furuhata Ninzaburou impersonations, great food, Natalie Portman, great food, lots of semi-English and great food.


totally unrelated to the stuff above, but this makes a nice read on the origins of my favorite store in Japan, the second hand bookstore Book-Off.

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