Sunday, April 12, 2009


The last days flew by with all kinds of happenings which wouldn't really justify a full post, but I'll なんやかんや, somehow, drag it out to something.

The Japanese test was... interesting. It consisted of three parts, two short essays and a short conversation with a Japanese teacher (three hours combined). The three test were similar to the Grammar/Communicative conventions exams, but the third was very difficult, with lots of stuff we didn't cover yet.

About the people at the JNI, Yanagizawa-san and mr. Remmelink might have a comedy-act on the side, because when they're together in the room, they keep tsukkomi-ing each other. Also, Yanagizawa-san keeps buying us food :3

Thursday we also went to Ueno Park, which was a nice park where the sakura were still in blossom. What was funny though was that we ran into this strange man in Ueno Park, who said we (as foreigners) were stealing the Japanese women, something about tropical fish and colors and in what was very strange, he kept pointing at me while he was summing up physical features of Western people like blond hair and blue eyes. Last time I checked, I have neither.

Book-Offs are evil. I keep being drawn to them and it's hard to not buy stuff there. Book-Off is certainly winning this fight against my mind for my wallet, but I keep pretending it's okay to buy Japanese detective novels because I'll need them for my research later this year at KyuuDai. As long I say that to myself,I feel less bad.

The disaster safety training Saturday was pretty fun. It was at the pyramiddy fire station of some place the name of which I really can't remember at the moment. We received training in how to react in smoke situations by manuevering through a maze with smoke, how to extinguish fire with fire extinguishers (in a sort-of shoot'em up arcade game simulation), how to react in a earthquake (with a real earthquake simulation!) (grab a cushion, hide under a table) and we experienced a tsunami rain simulation (which I really, really don't want to experience in real life, because even the worst Dutch rain doesn't come close to that).

(I finally bought a camera, but I keep forgetting that I have one now so I don't have too many pictures)

Japanese classes are to begin tomorrow, everyday from 09:00 till 12:30, which I'm kinda looking forward to!

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  1. ehhh, I think we've seen rain storms that come close to the simulation in the Netherlands as well. they just end within 10 minutes.

    Then again, I was standing behind a human windshield, so maybe I didn't get the full blow.