Monday, April 19, 2010

The Chinese Orange Mystery


Gon... Practice without neglectJie... Don't show or use moves thoughtlessly
Dan... Judge with a clear mindYi... Don't hesitate to do the right thing
The four Wude, "Shenmue 2"
The semester has started! It's off with the kid gloves now, as I won't even get credits anymore for just Japanese language courses! So right now, I have my time schedule mostly filled with required Advanced Japanese 8 courses like Modern Literature and Translating. While I have about two classes less compared to most other JLCC students, the fact I have to squeeze in my research (which is now set on the influence of war on the development of the English and Japanese detective novel) in my own time kinda sets that even.

And of course, I have to take normal faculty courses. Right now, I'm taking three courses, one being Introduction on Modern Japanese Society, which has an insane amount of homework, but for a very short period. Reading and summarizing the newspaper everyday is not making me very happy, but at least it's over after a week. More fun are Introduction Chinese Language and Korean Language (Beginner Level). Yes, because you can never know too much languages. And while I'm working hard to convince people to take that Dutch summer course, I'll think I'll attend the classes for fun too, as it features a teacher from... the Japan-Netherlands Institute. Expectations are high.

Also aiming for the N1 qualification of the Japanese Language Proficieny Test, so it's going to busy the following months. Luckily, Golden Week is just a week of two away.

Foods: Wuhan's Duck Neck is a LOOOOOT tastier than it sounds. In fact, it's really, really good.

Besides school, I don't have much time to do stuff unfortunately. Everybody is quite busy (making picking a date for going to watch Detective Conan a hell) and the first time I saw most of the JLCC was at the welcome party for the two new JLCC students. Which was held at the CREEPIEST building ever, featuring scary dolls and sounds coming out of a toilet and just being a perfect set for a Kindaichi Shounen story. And it was the first time I went to karaoke with only men, but people's choices really change depending whom you with. Suffice to say I have never ever experienced something as epic as this. We might've sung half of the JAM Project discography (*motto motto!*) and I really couldn't talk afterwards. But so worth it.

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