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"The world isn't beautiful. And therefore, it is beautiful", Kino, Kino's Journey

Time wimey stuff.) I had another presentation at a junior high school (well, actually the same junior high), this time with 1st year students and it was a lot more fun compared to the last time. The fact I showed them fragments of the Dutch dubs of Pokemon, Crayon Shin-chan and Gake no Ue no Ponyo might have been a deciding factor. It certainly explained why 50% of the questions asked after the presentation where about whether anime series X or Y was known in the Netherlands. I can understand why the students gave me a big "Eeeeh?!" when I said this or that was being broadcast in the Netherlands, but the girl who almost swooned when I said I liked Gin Tama, was something I didn't expect. Afterwards, we received letters from the students and the swooning girl was so nice to draw me. Looking suspiciously a lot like Shinpachi.
Last Monday (or before.

(And the recommendation of Hakata Oushou by the students when I asked for a good restaurant, was perfect. Delicious for a good price! Tenshinhan might not be a real Chinese dish, but it's tasty, just like the gyouza!)

Friday was kinda busy, as I had a test for Ancient Greek and a farewell party. At the same time. The test wasn't that difficult, I think, but I have to admit I wrote as a madman to attend to the party, so I probably made quite some mistakes. And looking back, the fact I got a Japanese translation of the famous American book The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture from the Ancient Greek teacher is kinda strange.

Anyway, after the test I hurried to the International Students office and arrived near the end of the farewell party. The farewell party was for a small group of Seoul University students, who had been on a special short program of a month following classes with us JLCC students, so sorta our kouhai. While they weren't here that long, it was a shame to see them go. Especially as I *still* hadn't memorized their names. I am horrible with names. So I am also quite ashamed to say I can't say who wrote what in the joint farewell letter.

The farewell party did make me realize we'll be sadly enough saying goodbye to two sempai-like JLCC members quite soon from now, who instead started last March (instead of September). Time goes by way too fast here. Relativity or something.

Saturday, Alex took us to the beach a bit north of the kaikan. Windy, but sunny weather and a great view. Kinda surprising such a nice place was so close to our home. Paragliders and birds were flying alike, we left something for the later generations and afterwards, we had another nabe-/game party here. House of the Dead 2 on easy, 5 lives, 9 continues is HARD. And SoulCalibur will never bore. Game classics that do not age.

Sadly enough, the rest of the week is mostly filled with homework and presentations. Another two weeks. Another two long weeks.

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