Friday, December 11, 2009

Time Waits for Norman


"One way or another means... one way or another!", Kurama Rokurou, "33 Minute Detective"

While from this year on, the individual research paper isn't obligitory anymore in the JLCC program (though you'd have to do other research instead), I still opted to continue with my research paper (for I plan to bring it back to the Netherlands to have a bachelor thesis ready ahead of time). And in my head, the paper is something about Edogawa Rampo and 1920's Tokyo/Japan. In my head, the paper is also very interesting and superspecialawesome. Of course, 70% of the stuff in my head is probably doubtful to other people. Though I did finally find a person who agreed with me that boiled water tastes strange. For it really does.

Reading Japanese academic literature is quite annoying. I'm getting used to the Japanese written academic language, but the biggest problem is still kanji. At times, it feels like you're reading Chinese. With occasionally hiragana. Which kinda explains why I haven't been able to post much lately. Mainly because I didn't really do stuff. But I was making my way through my books. Slowly. And then I suddenly got a deadline for a first draft for a bookreport (so in reality, not even close to a real research paper). Which at this rate, I'll probably miss. Because time might wait for Norman, but not for me. Reading academic Japanese is one thing, writing academic Japanese is a totally different story. Especially if I have to cook up something in two days.

And speaking of cooking, in other short news, takoyaki-parties are deliciously awesome, nattou doesn't really have any taste at all and is certainly not even remotely as disgusting as most people make it out to be, mentaiko is really good, the water you drink should be 15 degrees lower than your own body temperature, boiled water tastes weird, the rice-patty hamburgers at MOS Burger taste strange, not the negative kind of strange, just strange and Filthy but Delicious Restaurants is the best TV segment ever. If I am to return Tokyo's Kouenji again, I will try that store's chahan.

Book report progress: 0,0%. Continue Y/N?


  1. Hmm you must have eaten a different kind/variation of nattou than I have D:
    Speaking of book reports, we have to do one as well and I was going to do it on 1Q84 but that turned a tad too long so I`m saving it for next semester, and doing it on 東野圭吾`s 名探偵の呪縛 now xD His books ARE easy to read :D oh and, Y.

  2. I bought the cheapest nattou there was. And just let it be for almost a week in my refrigerator, because I was scared. For nothing, as it seems.

    Have you read 名探偵の掟 already? That one is more entertaining, I think. I have to do a normal book report too. Somewhere between today and Friday, while I also have to work on my academic book report. At this point, I am just writing stuff using strange Japanese in the hopes it looks academic enough.

    本ブークレポートの為に、松山巌の「乱歩と東京・1920 都市の貌」を選んだ理由は、同書が欧州で出版された日本推理小説と江戸川乱歩に関する参考書の中でよく引用された日本語の参考書である為である。例えば、「乱歩と東京・1920 都市の貌」は2007のコネチカット大学の助教授であるマークシルバーの[Purloined Letters – Cultural Borrowing and Japanese Crime Literature 1968 - 1937」や2008のマサチューセッツ・ボストン大学の助教授であるカワナ・サリによって書かれた「Murder Most Modern – Detective Fiction & Japanese Culture」の引用文献一覧にあった。同参考書で引用された部分から分かったのは、「乱歩と東京・1920 都市の貌」は私が行いたい課題研究に似ている書なので、読む必要があると言わざるを得ない。