Wednesday, December 16, 2009



"In this world, 'impossible things' don't exist.", Akechi Kogorou, "Spider Man"

Even though my book report is sorta interfering with other stuff, the one thing I refuse to give up is food. And as I am in Fukuoka, I tend to eat quite a lot of ramen here. First up this week was Ichiran, together with Ippudo probably the best known ramen-ya of Fukuoka. And the taste of Ichiran ramen is indeed excellent. While the tonkotsu soup is not as *TONKOTSU* as the Ippudo ramen soup, some sort of special spicy sauce gives the Ichiran ramen soup a unique taste. But besides taste, Ichiran has something else that everybody has to experience. Ichiran is the most anonymous ramen-ya I've ever been, where you can enter, eat and leave without ever raising your voice or even see anyones face.

At Ichiran, you buy a food ticket like at so many places, but then you're guided to a sort of cubicle. Everyone here eats at his own cubicle. And there is a curtain in front of the counter, so you only see the hands of the shop assistents. And some vague shadows as they actually bow when they collect your ticket, even though they don't see your face. Then you have to fill in a form to customize your order, like the spiciness level, amount of garlic, onions and chashu you want. And then you enjoy your bowl of ramen in your own private cubicle. Strange. But delicious.

Another great ramen-ya was Ichiraku Ramen near the Kyushu Sangyou Daigaku, which is actually quite close to the kaikan. Not very filthy, quite delicious (and cheap!) and very, very small (a total of six counter seats). And we actually only went there, because it apparently was the model for the Ichiraku Ramen in the manga Naruto by Kishimoto Masashi.

At Canal City's Ramen Stadium 2 we tried Resshijunmei's Shinshuu ramen, which had a delicious fish-based soup (yes, there are ramen-ya here that don't start with a 'ichi' in their name). Fukuoka might be the boondocks if we're talking about when books arrive here or when we're talking about the fact that just one theater in all of Fukuoka is showing One Piece: Strong World (meaning it was completely sold out for days and we just barely managed to get tickets today. Layton will be probably be as impossible to go to). However, when we're talking ramen, Fukuoka is second to none.

And I actually found a restaurant that served a (Chinese) teishoku I couldn't finish. I lost. Horribly. To food.


  1. this is delicious, i am hungry now. more ramen reviews please!


  2. Seems to me that you aren't having much of an exciting life around there. You should open up a Facebook page soon! Facebook is so useful.

    Tonight was so great, going to some cute girl's birthday party and I got a bit drunk after drinking 4 Whiskey Coke's and then at 12:30 in the night we were like WTF let's go to the local ramen place which was surprisingly enough still open. After some beer, sake, gyouza and tenpura we went to karaoke at like 2 AM. We drank some more at karaoke. I came back like an hour ago and I'm still somewhat drunk. My alcohol resistance is way better than our mom's!

    - Yuling

  3. Yuling, seems like you are having too much fun! :)