Thursday, July 2, 2009

Magnificent Turnabout: Investigation Part

""Shichishito". The treasured Kurain Village heirloom whose name means "7 Branched Sword". It is said that this sacred sword represents life itself. Though the branches may appear infinite, the choices limitless... like our destinies, the sword comes to but one end. One merciless point. And when the silver cord, the fragile thread that binds us to this world, is severed... the illusion is revealed and the implacability of fate is finally laid bare.", Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations"

This last week is quite busy for probably all of us, as everyone has this or that that (s)he wants to do. I am also still contemplating whether to do some things or not. But with every day, departure is also coming close. "Though the branches may appear infinite, the choices limitless... like our destinies, the sword comes to but one end."

Went to Tokyo DisneySea this monday and it was awesome. Noteworthy was the Tower of Terror, which was that much scarier because we didn't really know what the ride was. By the time we realized what it was, it was already to late to make any mental preparations for it and it was one of the scariest things ever to happen. Anyway, as it was a Monday, it wasn't too busy either and we didn't have to wait abnormal times in lines, not even for the popular rides. Had a blast that day, with photo shoots with Jafar, traveling to the center of the Earth, going 20.000 Leagues under the sea, riding storms and tombraiding Aztec ruins.

Oh, and DisneySea exploded at the end of the day.

On Tuesday I went to the Bunkamura in Shibuya, a cultural center that offers musea, theater, galleries et cetera to visit the Visual Deception exhibition, paintings meant to fool the human eye. Had been wanting to go for a while now, seeing quite a bit of promotion in trains and at stations (and you spend a lot of time in those places when in Tokyo). I don't really often go to musea, heck, I have gone more often to musea in Tokyo now than the last 5 years combined. Anyway, the exhibition of course also included Escher's work and a lot of his work is actually owned by Japanese musea, which was kinda surprising. Afterwards we went to Nakano Broadway, which after so many visits is still a lot more enjoyable than Akihabara if you are interested in animanga/games, as it is not as crowded, while you can find a lot of obscure and rare stuff in all kinds of strange shops there.

Wednesday six of us spent the whole day in a small dark hot room obliterating our voices. Prior karaoke marathon records were easily broken.

Today's song: Greeeen - 愛唄 (Ai uta ("Love Song")) and Magical Trick Society - 追求~追いつめられて (Tsuikyuu~Oitsumerarete ("Pursuit~Cornered"))

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