Wednesday, June 10, 2009


「私はオペラ座の怪人---思いのほかに醜いだろう?この禍しき怪物は地獄の業火に焼かれながらそれでも天国に憧れる!」, 月島冬子、『金田一少年の事件簿:オペラ座館殺人事件』"I am the Phantom of the Opera. Am I not unbelievably hideous? But even while this ill-omened monster is being consumed by the inferno of hell, I still long for heaven!", Tsukishima Fuyuko, "The Case Files of Young Kindaichi: The Opera House Murder Case"

Our excursion to the Kikkoman factory in Noda in the Chiba prefecture was partly awesome, partly a slight disappointment. In contrary to the Nissan factory visit, we weren't actually allowed to walk in the factory, only through a set of hallways which looked down upon the factory. But fair is fair, there actually weren't any people in the factory anyway, most of the work was done by machines. And Oompa Loompas. Anyway, our guide and lots of videos informed us how soy sauce is made, which actually takes a lot more time than I would have thought. About a year. And we were of course brainwashed into Kikkoman soy sauce zombies.

There was also a food research library at Kikkoman HQ, which for some sinister reason included a book on demons and witchcraft. Let me repeat that. A Book On Demons And Witchcraft. It does make you wonder about that black sauce you use every day. The city of Noda is a dead, dead, dead place by the way. And it smells. Like soy sauce. Might be connected to the demons and witchcraft and the success of Kikkoman.

We did get a nice bentou there though. The right-down corner? That's no Peking Duck, unfortunately. Looks deceive. I really wanted it to be duck. But like so many things, it was not meant to.

Talking about food, which is an activity I seem to do a lot, especially here, today we went to eat the legendary Jumbo Gyouza Yanigazawa-san mentioned once. I have to say, there were a lot bigger than regular gyouza.

One portion consisted of eight of these gyouza and a bowl of rice, which made a satisfying lunch. Heck, it made a very satisfying first filling of the day of the stomach, as I don't actually eat breakfast. Anyway, even with jumbo gyouza out of the way, Benjamin 2号 and me still have a long list of things we still need to eat before we leave Japan. Shabushabu, crab, Korean barbeque, shark, yakiniku, frog, sukiyaki, soumen....

Today's song: 福山雅治 (Fukuyama Masaharu) - VS. ~知覚と快楽の螺旋~ (Guitar × Piano Ver.)
(VS. ~Chikaku to kairaku no rasen~ (Guitar × Piano Ver.) ("VS. ~Helix of Perception and Pleasure~ (Guitar × Piano Ver.)") (insert song in Galileo)

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  1. Hey Wongstra!

    Mooi om te lezen dat alles goed gaat aan de andere kant van de wereld:) Hoe bevalt het studeren daar, zijn de Japanners echt zulke kleine noeste werkers? Laat even weten wanneer je terug komt, dan kunnen we met Marn een drankje gaan doen!