Monday, May 4, 2009

The Canary Murder Case

To connect right to the previous post, no, I didn't let birds fight the second time I went bird watching. This time, we went to Meiji Jinguu, next to the Harajuku JR Station.

They might as well have written 'Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate' on the gate, because as soon as you enter, you are welcomed by countless of crows. Gigantic killer Japanese crows. From hell. Feeding on carcasses. If you are lucky enough to survive this death path, you'll get to a nice park though.

I don't have any special interest in bird watching per se, but I did enjoy sneaking up on those dang birds with my camera to simulate Pokémon Snap . Minus the ratings by Professor Oak. Sneaking up on those birds was actually the only way for me to get any good sight on those birds, as even though Marit's binoculars are transmutated through some kind of crazy alchemy to allow people with glasses to use them, I still just get highly disorientated when using them.

As it is the Golden Week in Japan, we also decided to go to a baseball game (the no.1 sport in Japan) this Wednesday. Right next to the Tokyo Dome, where the game is to be held, was the Tokyo Dome Hotel with a Sky Restaurant and an amazing view (and amazingly expensive drinks which gave you entrance to the Sky Restaurant).

That Jet Coaster you see in the picture? It's awesome. You actually go around the building and through the Ferris Wheel. Words can not describe that first dive it makes. Suffice to say I was very worried during the ride whether my glasses wouldn't fall off.

Today, we went to Kamakura for our cultural education. And I guess some went to visit the beach. Afterwards, Jimmy and I went to Yokohama, with as main goal to visit its China Town, which is the biggest in Japan. Guess we both miss our Chinese foodstuffs. Stuff like gyouza and ramen can be found everywhere in our neighborhood, but it's hard to find restaurants that actually serve stuff like dim sum. But they do have it in Yokohama.Yokohama also offered us a nice bay area with greenery parks, amusement parks, walking killer spider robots (disclaimer: do not actually walk. Nor do they kill) and blisters.

Yokohama's China Town is gigantic. We got lost several times, but it was also a lot of fun, as there were tons of little interesting shops with familiar foods and candies. And smells. Especially the smells. And I am kinda regretting now I didn't get me the salted duck eggs. The area was packed with restaurants, which all had a long queue waiting in front of them. In the end we just joined a queue, which ended in an half hour wait before we got seats. First time I joined a mystery queue in Japan (there are a lot of them here).

Final note: Timothy, guess what I saw in a Yokohama mall?

They have Portals in Japan.


  1. AWESOME!!!! Another reason why Japan is cool, did you try it out???

    Up till now I've really been enjoying your posts, keep up the fun readings and have an awesome time in Tokyo **grumble lucky grumble**.
    Hope to see you in the summer holidays before you run off to japan again.



  2. So the spider didn't walk after all? pity.

    China town looks awesome! The beach was great as well, except for the sunburn part.