Friday, May 15, 2009


「多分それは一種の精神病ででもあったのでしょう。」, 『屋根裏の散歩者』

"It probably was some sort of mental illness.", "The Wanderer in the Attic"

While I very actively use my room at the Weekly Mansion to sleep, to actually be productive in any way in this room is pretty much impossible. At least, for me it is. Which is a problem as I have a deadline tomorrow.

This small room would make a great decor for a locked room murder, but the walls certainly aren't preventing my thoughts from escaping to the farthest regions of my mind. While this room, this world has its boundaries, the locked room of the mind is limitless. Even if you come across a closed door, you just gotta knock a little harder and break through it. Whether I am entertaining myself or agonizing myself with ideas and fantasies, as I am an intellectual pack rat there is enough to see while strolling around the attic of my mind. A radical dreamer. As I close my eyes, I see an isle of panoramas bringing me hope, a hell of mirrors bringing me torment and I see myself, frantically following a stream of formless thoughts.

I see myself running to a place far, far away. Far away from the deadline.

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