Sunday, April 5, 2009

ホーリンとしゅっぱつ (Ho-Ling and Departure)

「帰ってくるよもちろん- だってここにはまだ謎がー あいつの大好きなミステリー がまだまだいっぱい残ってる。だから大丈夫、きっと必ず帰ってくる。いつかまた逢えるその日まで、サヨナラ」
『金田一少年の事件簿:金田一少年の決死行 』

"Of course he will come back Because there are still enigmas here... Still so many mysteries left that he likes so much That´s why it's all right, he will absolutely without a doubt return. Until that day we can meet again, goodbye"
"The Case Files of Young Kindaichi: The Desparate Run of Young Kindaichi"

(Yes, I will be writing in English occasionally for the non Dutch speaking readers)

It's been a long wait, but I'll be finally leaving for Tokyo. The Korean rocket has already been launched and as no all-out Japanese-Korean war resulted from it, I guess the flight should be a normal one. Not counting the off-chance that portable game consoles do emit pilot killer rays or airplane bathroom locked room murders might actually happen.

The first few days in Tokyo we'll mostly be busy with the alien registration and other essential procedures. Like earthquake safety training. Regular classes will begin after a couple of days, so we have a bit of time to get used to Tokyo. And to earthquakes. And if I am to believe Japanese detective series, and who am I to doubt them, I should get a murder encounter ratio of at least one a day and double in the weekends in Tokyo, so knowing words like estimated time of demise, locked room murder and the ever-important 'I'm innocent!' in Japanese will be useful, I think.

Thus ends this last message written in the Netherlands (in English though) and I bid you all goodbye, till the day we meet again. Time for departure!

Yotsubato! , Dai 47 Wa: Yotsuba to shuppatsu
Yotsuba and!, Chapter 47: Yotsuba and departure

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  1. Earthquake trainin, is that "Duck and cover"? Or is that only applicable to volcanic eruptions?

    Good luck in Japan and have a good time!